Trip to MN

Morgan, Landon, Mauryn and I flew to MN in July. I was a bit anxious about flying by myself with three children. What concerned me the most was getting through security when you have to fold down the stroller, take off everyone's shoes, get all the gear on the scanner, etc... it wasn't even getting all that done because it isn't a huge deal what is a big deal is all the other people in line who have looks of disgust on their faces when they see they are behind you in the line and you have all this stuff with you. Thankfully, we got through security without a hitch. The kids were all great and Morgan was a HUGE help! Our flight to MN went extremely well. Mauryn slept for about half of it - a little at the beginning and a little at the end. Of course Landon had to check out the bathroom so we got to get up and move around a bit.

While in MN, we were able to spend lots of quality time with our family. I hadn't been back to MN for 13 months. It was a LONG stretch. My parents came out in November when Mauryn was born but other than that we were on a family drought! It was the first time since we had moved here two years ago that I was feeling lonely for MN. I was so ready to get back for a visit. It was so relaxing. I have nieces and a nephew who adore kids and my kids adore them. They were all the entertainment my kids needed! It was so heartwarming to see those "older" kids with my kids. They just loved being with them. They are teenagers (and almost teenagers) and they gave up time with their friends to be with my little kids. They changed dirty diapers, gave baths, read stories, etc... It was great! My oldest niece is 17 years old. I was 17 years old when she was born. When they would come to MN to visit I would give them baths, change diapers, play with them - it is like it has all come full circle. Anyway, so fun to see the kids get some bonding time with the cousins. Since I only have 1 first cousin, this cousin relationship is so fun to watch!

Some of the highlights of the trip were: going to Walnut Grove, MN with my sister Karna and my niece Clea - we visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum, visited the dugout, played in Plum Creek and went to the Pageant; having our former neighbors come spend the day; Landon's ride in the fire truck and he even got to turn on the siren; visiting with my college girlfriends and their families; taking a mini road trip to visit Lance's sister Tammy and my sister Katrina; being able to meet my new nephew Sawyer Brown (born 8/2); visiting with my bible thumping pals, old teaching friends, and club ladies; afternoon swims at the local pool; gardening with aunt Shari and grandpa; riding on the 4 wheeler; going to Vikings training camp; eating at Culvers (4 times I think) - YUMMMY!!!

Our trip went remarkably fast. I thought that being gone for two plus weeks would get really long. I am a total homebody so a week is stretching it usually for me to be gone. I think since MN is still "home" it didn't seem to get too long. We had plenty to do when we were there but also had some down time - it was a good balance. We did have a bit of excitement before we got on the airplane in MN. It had been a rough afternoon before our flight, all the good byes to the cousins. Morgan was so so sad and so so tired. When Morgan gets too tired, she tends to vomit. She usually throws up once and then she is fine once she rests. It is just her bodies way of handling being overtired. So we get to the Minneapolis airport and stop off at curbside check. It was crazy busy so my mom was in the 2nd lane. I start unloading and have Morgan stand next to the bags while I unload until my mom gets closer. I am making the second trip to the curb and I see Morgan with this look on her face, I look at the ground and she has just thrown up on the curb. YIKES! I ask her if she is okay, she says she is fine. She didn't get anything on her just the curb. I go back for another batch of bags and some kleenex and come back and she has vomited again. Now I am wondering if she has the flu or what. She continues to say she is fine. I think I am in shock at this point, thinking oh brother this is going to be an interesting flight and I am not sure what to do with this mess on the curb. Really, I can't believe this was happening. Morgan is so embarrassed - I feel so bad for her. She is the type of kid who from age 2 would make it to a bathroom when she got sick. By now, my mom has parked by us and she is standing with the kids while I am checking our bags. The guy at curbside check was so crabby! Thankfully we got our bags checked and got on our flight. The kids all slept almost the entire flight to ID. Morgan was fine the rest of the entire flight - Praise the Lord! She fell asleep as soon as she was seated on the plane. The poor thing! We go to baggage claim and get all our bags except one. Of course it is the bag with my frozen breast milk in it. UGH! So I lost about 6 frozen bags of milk. I still have over half a freezer full that probably won't get used but still its the thought of losing that liquid gold .... The airline did find my bag and delivered it the next day. YEAH!

Here are some photos from our trip- ENJOY!

Big sister Ayla(2) with new baby brother Sawyer

Morgan and Clea on the banks of Plum Creek, Walnut Grove, MN
Future Firefighter Landon

Mauryn, Morgan, Landon, Nelson Wodarz, Nolan Fuzzey, and Connor Fuzzey at our Luther BBQ at the Fuzzey's home.

The former neighbors: Marit Gueningsman, Madison Gueningsman, Morgan, Emily Monson, Mauryn, Eric Monson, and Landon.

Leaving the hospital after meeting Sawyer Brown. My niece Ingrid holding Mauryn, Morgan, my niece Kierstin, my niece Ayla, my nephew Ian, and Landon. I just love this photo!

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