It Has Been One Of Those Days ...

Today has been one of those days - a day filled with a busy schedule and some roadblocks that could detour us from our schedule. Even though our day didn't go as smoothly as planned, we were able to accomplish the important things for today. On a day like today, when the focus could be on the negative it is freeing to focus on the positive and be so thankful for all the things that did go right. I wasn't in control of the situations today and for today I took that in stride. I wasn't frazzled, feeling panicked or "stressed out" which easily could have happened. We could see God clearing the path for us even though the roadblocks had been placed in our path. Here are a few examples:

  • my neighbor had a later start to work today so he was home to help me get my car stared when the battery was dead
  • the car dealership had a battery in stock and we were in and out of their in one hour and made it to the field trip (that I had organized) on time
  • a friend stepped in to take Landon to a birthday party (Lance came home sick from work) which was at the same time as I needed to get Morgan from gymnastics

I like to have my plan, my schedule and stick to it and these little things today could have made my day seem horrible. It was not by my doing that I remained positive - God gave me peace, the sense of calm tokeep me focused and work through the situations instead of getting worked up about them. I know the things that happened today are little and insignificant but it definitely is a lesson to be learned and remember for when something big happens.

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Denise said...

I have one of these days at least once a week. I use to get to spinning, and bring the kids into my tornado. I think that now it has happened so many times, that I am getting better at giving up and settling into these days, moving with them.