The Jammies Get A New Look

At bedtime a few nights ago, Lance and I mentioned to Landon that we should cut his jammies (Morgan's old pajama bottoms that he uses for a blanket) in half. Landon is now 3 1/2 and at age 4 the jammies are going to be taken away. We talked to him about how we could keep cutting his jammies down until he had just a hanky left like Owen (from the Kevin Henkes book Owen). He thought about it but wasn't too sure. The next evening at bedtime we asked if he was ready to cut his jammies, and he was sure he didn't want them to be cut in half. He was crying and so sad. Okay, not a big deal keep the jammies the way they are and we will try it another time. This morning he gets up and says, mom I am ready to cut my jammies. Tonight was the big cutting ceremony. He was very excited about it. The funny thing is, I was totally sad and about to cry when the time came to cut the jammies. A phase of life is moving towards an end, my baby boy is growing up. I am not ready for him to get bigger. I want him to stay little a while longer. He is moving towards being a big kid- the time just goes by far too quickly!
The jammies!

I can cut them myself with my new scissors!

Umm, Dad I think I need some help here! (My boys went to the babershop today and came home with new haircuts - aren't they handsome!)

My new jammies - half the old!

I can still snuggle with them and suck my thumb!

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