Shopping for jeans

Tonight, the girls and I braved the wind/rain storm to shop at Old Navy. The weather is supposed to cool off this week so it put me in the mood for some fall clothes. I am in dire need of a pair of jeans. Old Navy had their jeans on sale (YEAH!) so I was glad we had decided to brave the rain to go shopping. After trying on some jeans, I wasn't so happy with the decision to go shopping instead I was FRUSTRATED!!! UGH! I used to be able to walk into the Gap and grad jeans off the shelf - button fly, boot cut, loose fit. Now they make jeans for people without a butt and hips. After three kiddos, I now have a larger bottom and wider hips. Funny thing this only happened now with number 3, not sure why that is. I know I still have some weight to lose and now I am totally motivated to do it so I can get some jeans that fit. I usually do better with staying motivated if I have a goal but I don't have anything in the future so I figured if I write about it in my blog then I am accountable, right now I think I need accountability to get me back on track!


Denise said...

So I know this post is so last week, but as a fellow jean wearer (with a little more "junk in the trunk" and the hips after kiddos) who cries every time I leave Old Navy or Gap, I wanted to share with you my favorite bottom and hip friendly jeans- Levi Strauss 542 (Low/Flare).
There are different types of washes, cute pockets on the bum, and their low enough to be hip (just below the belly button). I found'm at Jc Penny for under $40.00.

Kristen said...

Thanks Denise! A JcPenny just opened here in town so I will have to go check it out! I appreciate the tip and someone who understands where I am coming from :)