These are a few of my favorite things....

(besides by husband and kiddos - of course they top the list)

* a long nap on a rainy day or any day for that matter
* a fountain soda - Cherry Pepsi :)
* going to the movies
* reading a book
* sleeping with the windows open and curling up under my covers
* TiVo
* chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven
* reading a good book
* the peace and quiet of the early mornings
* a sandy beach - i would love to have some time in the sun and the sand - AHH!
* cuddle time with the kids
* Mabe's pizza (pizza joint in the town I went to college - my favorite pizza of all time)
* popcorn, especially at the movie theater
* getting real mail not bills or junk mail - I especially look forward to the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas when all the letters and cards arrive

What are some of your favorite things??

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