Fall is Here

The weather is turning cooler, the leaves are starting to turn color, the days are shorter - fall has finally arrived!! We have had such a hot hot summer, it is so nice to have these cooler days.

I just noticed this tree outside our house last night. The leaves are starting to turn. It may have been like this for a few days but I don't always stop to notice the little details of nature. I need to do that more often, I love the trees in the fall. We live by the mountains and I don't even notice them - sad isn't it. Lance notices them every day but he loves the moutains. I am more of a beach girl and not so big on the mountains. It's not that I do not think they are a beautiful and wonderful creation by God, just not my thing. Anyway (sorry for the little rabbit trail), we woke up Saturday to a very cloudy day. It looked like it had rained some earlier in the morning. I was so thankful for a rainy day. I had been wanting to organize closets and clean out summer clothes but just hadn't had the opportunity. I knew if the sun was shining we would be spending time outside with neighbors and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. I was able to get my closet and all three kids' closets cleaned out and organized. I could take stock and see what items were needed for the fall/winter season. I feel better having a focus now if we get out to do some shopping, at least I know what each child needs to be ready for this next season. (As I was cleaning out, Morgan tells me to look out the window. There was the most beautiful double rainbow. It was so awesome! We all just looked at it for a long time - but I didn't think to take a picture of it.) The weather has definitely cooled off and it feels so much like fall. I love this season - except for the shorter days. I love the sweatshirt weather. The perfect days for visits to the park, long walks, and sipping cider and cocoa. I am looking forward to the visits to the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch. For some reason fall seems so refreshing to me - the cooler weather, back to having schedules/routines, all the church and community activities start up- I am so excited fall has finally come!

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Denise said...

your word was so good! i want to embrace all those things too. i wish i was a gazillionare and could buy everyone a necklace with their words.