The Biggest Loser

Lance announced to me this morning that he would like to lose 10 pounds. I commented that I wouldn't mind losing 10 -15 lbs myself and hopefully get back to pre Mauryn weight. So my loving husband turns to me and says "should we make it a competition?" I said "sure" Now we are having our own "biggest loser" competition in our house. Lance hasn't committed to a start date - either tomorrow or Monday but we did decide our end date would be Thanksgiving. Lance has picked out his "reward" if he is the winner and I am still thinking. I haven't come up with anything yet. Those of you who know Lance well know he is very competitive. I also have a bit of a competitive streak in me as well. This should be interesting. I think we both need the competition to help us get motivated. Now that the weather is cooling off during the day/evening we can do some family walks and bike rides. The competition is on.....

This weekend is our Ladies Retreat at church. The ladies from church are up in the mountains (smoke filled from all the fires) for the weekend doing a Beth Moore study on Loving Well. I decided not to go since I am still nursing Mauryn and I didn't want to deal with pumping (I don't really like leaving my kiddos for over night) and so I could be here to run the nursery at church. I had already decided not to go when I found out my friend Janna wasn't going either. We decided to have a girls afternoon today. It was wonderful! Our husbands (and another friend whose wife was gone) hung out with the kids and watched the BSU game. Janna and I enjoyed lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory - it was so yummy! Then we spent some time looking in downtown Boise at some of the fun little shops. It was the perfect day to just be outside walking around - temp in the mid 70's, sunny with a slight breeze. Today was a day that definitely rejuvenated me. The last few weeks have been so busy with getting school started and back into our routine. It was nice to do something that was just totally for me.

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