Naptime with Landon

I had big plans for nap time today! I was going to listen to the new Caedmon's call CD I won on Denise's giveaway, work on lesson plans for school, start dinner, do some cleaning, and even read for a little bit. Morgan left for gymnastics and I herded the two little ones up for nap. I asked Landon to go potty before we read stories and he said, if I go potty then can I sleep in my underwear. I said sure. He is not digging wearing pull ups but he needs them at night most of the time so for nap I let him sleep in his underwear (as he calls them his boxing underwear) and have for quite some time but every day he asks the same thing. He goes to the bathroom and comes back into his room. He proceeds to take off his cowboy boots put them in a corner, take off his socks and put them in his boots, the cowboy hat went on top of the boots, the belt next to the hat and boots, his jeans off and folded in another corner, shirt off and folded on top of the jeans and FINALLY he was ready for his nap -in his underwear - literally in his underwear. We read his stories and he loved on Mauryn before I put her down for her nap. As I went to my room to read for a short period of time, the phone rings at least 3 different times so I give up plans for reading and get ready to move on to the other tasks at hand. I can hear some banging around in Landon 's room. I open the door and he is on Morgan's bed. (Morgan and Landon are sharing a room until Mauryn is a bit older. They have bunk beds and Morgan has the top bunk) There is no ladder for the top bunk and no easy way for him (being he is so little) to climb up there. I ask him how he got up there - well he just jumped until he could get the bed rail and then pulled himself up until he could get over the top. Well he is off her bed now and in his own bed, I think his nap is not going to happen but at least he will stay in his room for a while and look at books or play quietly. Only on the days he is truly in dire need of a nap does he seem to find ways to keep himself awake instead of sleeping. I guess it will be off to bed early tonight for Landon. I have posted some photos below of how I have found Landon at nap time.

This is how I found Landon last night after putting him to bed. He wanted to listen to some music so he had on headphones with a CD player. I found him still asleep with the headphones on - it was so sweet. Oh do you love what he snuggles up with! Yes, they are Morgan's old pajama bottoms that are velour and have pink giraffes on them. Landon used to chase Morgan around the house when she would wear them but he wasn't particularly attached to them until we moved from MN to ID and now he sleeps with them every nap and every night.

This day at nap time Landon decided to wear his jammies for nap!

I found Landon wearing Morgan's tights one day when he was supposed to be napping. He was "reading" a book and singing a song and having a grand old time with those tights on~!


lindsey cheney said...

Check you out Kristen......You are a blogging fool!!!!! Nice work.
BTW(Lance) I was one of the 4 votes thus far for KRISTEN to be the winner of your little contest! Better get on your horse boy!

lindsey cheney said...

oh yeah......FYI.....That post was from Sean, not Lindsey.

Leah in Iowa said...

Loved the photo of your boy in tights! That should come in mighty handy some day! =)