FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY - Morgan landed her back handspring. About a month ago, Morgan came home from gymnastics and told us she nailed her back handspring. She proceeded to do a round off into a back handspring in our front yard. Then a few days later she just couldn't do it. Lance and I could not figure it out. At dinner last week, she finally told us why she was afraid. She had gone out to the front yard to practice her back handspring and fell on her head and never told anyone. Today she was able to conquer her fear- YEAH! When she got home from gymnastics, she moved the furniture in the bonus room and showed Lance her round off back handspring. It was so exciting! I think she was just as excited to surprise us as to have landed her back handspring. In the clip, she was on her tenth or eleventh back handspring, she was starting to get a bit tired! Just wanted to share~!


lindsey cheney said...

Nice job Morgan!

Leah in Iowa said...

Amazing! And hard to believe *I* could do that, oh, say, 30 years ago. My back hurts just jumping on the trampoling with the girls! It stinks to get old!! =)