How many times can a boy change his clothes in one day?

Landon has a habit lately of changing his clothes many times a day - sometimes up to 6 times. His room could be a mountain of clothes, but Landon is an organizer. He will fold and make piles of clothes in his "area". The other day I decided to document each time he changed his clothes. Here is the photo gallery from the time he got up until he went to bed:

That's my boy!

BTW - we are considering a new digital camera - you will notice some of my pictures are fuzzy and the camera takes to long to get the shot and I am missing far too many moments. Anyone have a great camera they would suggest?


Short Stop said...

This is so funny! My three year old ends up with many changes each day, not because he wants to, but because he seems to get himself dirty so much! :)

We just got a new digital camera...the Nikon D40X. It's amazing! The pics on my blog today were the first I've posted with it. It's an amazing camera and a great investment!

Thanks for visiting today! Your comment was very sweet and encouraging! :) Thank you!

Denise said...

my hubby a photographer would suggest the canon powershot 850 as a small point and shoot camera for pocket and purse (also has video on it).
i love mine. it's so easy to use. if there was a camera for dummies book they would suggest this camera.
lindsey has a canon power shot (so does everyone else in the jones family).
here is a link.