Thanksgiving Fun

We celebrated Thanksgiving at home with Lance's sister Kristy and her two children Becca and Jackson. We had a great visit with them and enjoyed letting the cousins play for a few days. Here are a few photos from our Thanksgiving weekend!

This is how Jackson and Mauryn started their morning if the pantry door was left open - eating dry cereal out of the tubs. Do you notice how Teagen has the prime spot in case some cereal gets dropped on the floor.

Mauryn's first taste of pumpkin pie - YUMMY!
On Saturday, we (oh I mean Lance) rolled 45 rounds of lefse (or Lefta as Landon says). I am impressed Lance hung in there the entire time. I thought his ADHD would take over, but he was definitely trying to roll a perfectly round lefse. I am hoping he will roll all of them again at Christmas. Morgan turned all the lefse, her favorite job. Those two made a pretty good team. We all LOVE lefse so we were pretty much hoarded it for ourselves. We ate it all - so good!

Lance getting ready to roll out the lefse

Lance rolling the lefse while Kristy and Becca look on

As close to pefectly round as it might get - Lance was so proud!

Mauryn's first lefse
On Saturday afternoon, after all the lefse making was done, we ventured into Boise. We walked around downtown a bit and then had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory - Yum! We then went to the Botanical Gardens for Winter Garden A Glow. We all bundled up in hats and mittens and then ventured through the garden to look at the lights. It was so beautiful and it was a perfect night - the moon was shining brightly, the temperature was perfect (it wasn't too cool), and the kids loved running, climbing the hills, and looking at all the lights.
Trying to get a family photo in the garden Kristy, myself and the kiddos

Mauryn has decided that one of our cupboard drawers is now her favorite place to play. She played in that drawer on Friday morning for 40 minutes and just cracked herself up!
Thanks Lindsey for the tip on how to get this done - love that site!


Leah in Iowa said...

Oh, what fun ~ lefse making! It is a definite kindred spirit who loves it! =) We like it with butter and brown sugar. How do you eat it?

Sarah Markley said...

This looks like so much fun! It is so worth it to bundle them up and experience the night - even when its cold. I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and I love OSFactory too! My favorite! I would love to know more about lefse... They look good!

Leah in Iowa said...

Just wondering if you can email me from here? =)

Earen said...

I've never heard of lefse, but it sounds good! Glad you had a nice time.