Mauryn's Stats

My little fireball had her one year check up on Monday. Well Miss Mauryn is tipping the scales at a whopping 17 lbs!!! Yep, that is my petite little babe! She is 27 inches long and is in the 2-3% for both height and weight. Most people who see her think she is around 6-8 months old and it freaks them out a bit when she feeds herself, pulls herself to standing, walks holding onto things, etc... They don't expect that she is a one year old. Mauryn's check up went great, so is doing wonderfully and had 4 shots! Poor babe!

Morgan and Landon had their flu shots while we were at the clinic. Morgan did great. Landon on the other hand - oh brother! He is all about the drama! He was great the entire time, watched both his sisters get their shots and then it was his turn. Landon is a stubborn boy and he was not going down for his shot very easily. I was sweating bullets by the time I got him on the table, pants down, and then lay across his chest to keep him down. Thankfully I had Morgan there to hold Mauryn. As soon as the nurse put the needle in his leg, he was fine. He cried a bit until he got his sucker and then he was great. Of course he limped all the way to the car. Once we got home he couldn't remember which leg he had the shot in but he was sure it hurt! At least it was better than last time when we left the office and he yelled to everyone in the waiting area "Don't go in there, they give you shots and hurt you!" Yep, that's my boy - never a dull moment with Landon around.

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