Halloween Fun!

Last night, the kids did a bit of trick or treating in the neighborhood and then headed to church for the Harvest Party. It was a gorgeous night - clear skies and it wasn't too cool for the kids.

On Tuesday night, Lance helped the kids carve their pumpkins. Morgan actually did some of the carving herself this year and did a great job. Do you like the pumpkin with the seeds coming out of his mouth? Landon thought that was just hilarious.
Yesterday, Landon, Morgan, and I used tissue paper and modge podge to decorate a few pumpkins. It was really fun and the pumpkins turned out super cute.
All in all it was a full but very fun evening!


Sarah Markley said...

So cute! Did you all have fun? I love the costumes.

Kristen said...

We did have fun, thanks for asking Sarah!