Tara invited anyone whose name starts with a letter from A-Z and needed something to write about to participate in this meme. I guess I qualify so here goes, 8 random things about me:

1. I do not like clutter, I like to have things put where they belong and organized.

2. I always had LONG, LONG fingernails growing up, people thought my nails were fake because they were so long. It drove my piano teacher crazy, she would have a nail clipper at the piano for my lessons. Now that I have kids, I keep my nails short and I rarely paint them.

3. I have freckles in my eyes

4. When I was pregnant with Morgan I retained so much water that the shape of my eyes changed and I could not wear my contacts

5. I have been waxing my eyebrows for half my life and my lip for half as long as I have waxed my eyebrows - got it?

6. I have a hard time growing my hair out. I do not have the patience to grow it out and I get bored with the same haircut. I like to try out different haircuts - always in search of the perfect cut!

7. I never thought I would leave the Midwest and here I am living in Idaho

8. I love fountain soda - preferably Pepsi or Cherry Pepsi. I rarely ever drink soda from a can or bottle.

I tag anyone who wants to play!


Renee said...

I love these things...it's so fun to get to know more about people. Thanks for doing this!!

I'm wondering where in the midwest you're from. I'm from Michigan, and went to college for a few years in Indiana....

I don't like clutter either. It's a constant battle. That's been part of my problem lately. One that my husband doesn't understand. Since we just moved, and we did it haphazardly, I don't know where ANYTHING is, and it stresses me out to no end. There are boxes and random things anywhere. How could I not be out of my element? :)

I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog...I've missed you!

Denise said...

yeah, we could hang out together in "Organized World." There is a new magazine out called "Organize." I'm tempted to get it.
Do you have any great organization tricks up your sleeve?
i also had short hair for many years. than i did it, i let it grow, all of it, bangs too. ahhh, freedom, from every hair being in place. freedom from bangs. i do miss the spunky, sassy styles though.

Earen said...

I too hate clutter. I find areas of my home starting to go that way & I start throwing things away! Fun!

Sarah Markley said...

I hate clutter, as do the rest of you, however, my husband is a clutter-bug. It evens out to about half-clutter, half-not...oh well...I am married to him and I love him!

Kristen said...

Yeah for the no clutter brigade!
My hubby isn't much for clutter but he doesn't necessarily put things where they belong - just out of sight out of mind.

Earen - I love to throw too!

Denise - no specific tips but I did order that magazine. I know I am going to LOVE it! I am always looking for new/improved ways to get things straightened up!