Happy 8th Birthday Morgan!

How time goes by in the blink of an eye? I truly can't believe you are 8 years old today! You are turning into such a beautiful young lady. Here are 8 things I love about you (there are many more) for your 8th birthday:
1.You amaze me with your empathy and compassion for others. You often think of others before yourself.
2.You have always been a "rule follower" and you are coming into an age where you are finding things are not always so clear. You are asking so many questions, trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong. I love that you bring up your questions and concerns to daddy and I. It is hard for you when there isn't a clear cut answer. You are learning. You watch carefully, you listen intently and then you make your choices.
3. You are trustworthy and honest. It is so wonderful that daddy and I know that you will make good choices and follow our rules outside our house.
4.You are a wonderful big sister to Landon and Mauryn. They both adore you! You wanted to be a big sister and now you have two little ones looking up to you. You are a great role model for them.
5.It has been fun to see you get so "into" gymnastics. I am amazed you still have desire and energy to flip around the house after being at practice three days a week. You are so dedicated to your sport. You are always working on your spins, leaps, etc...
6.You have a love for reading and learning. I enjoy watching you soak up book after book. I enjoy being up to snuggle up with you on the couch and either share a classic or read our own books and enjoy just being together. You make my job as your teacher so easy - you enjoy everything about learning and school.
7. I am excited to see your passion for learning your bible verses. You are definitely storing all you are learning in your heart. You are not just memorizing, you are pondering, you are wondering, you are questioning, you are thinking, you are applying - so great to see!
8. You don't ever forget anything and you pay attention to detail. You constantly surprise me with the little things you remember from stories we have read, activities we have participated in or trips we have taken.
I am so proud to call you my daughter. I love you so much! Have a very Happy Birthday!


Earen said...

She sounds like a wonderful little girl! Happy birthday to her! They truly are a gift from the Lord & it sounds like you're raising her in His ways. What a blessing!

Rojas' said...

She is so cute :} And I recognize some of those Montana pics!! Congrats on 8 years mom!!! Shannon

Leah in Iowa said...

What a nice girl you've got there, Kristen! I can tell you take your job of parenting very seriously - it shows in what a well-rounded girl she is. You're a great Mommy to her.

Happy Birthday, Morgan! (Looking forward to seeing some photos in a few days!)

Sarah Markley said...

I'm just thinking about how close your daughters' birthdays are! What a beautiful tribute to your oldest baby!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday-Morgan!! How can it be eight years...I remember so clearly the day you were born. We are so blessed to have such a great friend as you...We Love You! Emily and Amy and Brett and Eric too...

Renee said...


She's a gorgeous little girl, and it sounds like she's just as beautiful on the inside. What a sweetie!!

Happy birthday Morgan!