Giving Thanks

I can't believe it but this is my 50th post! Since we are in the month of November, the thankful month, I thought I would list 50 people and things I am thankful for - in no particular order - just what is on my mind and in my heart today (there are many more but I am keeping my list to 50).

1. Lance, who impulsiveness and silliness keep the atmosphere in our home light
2. Morgan, whose kind and gentle heart keep me focused on what is most important
3. Landon, whose boundless energy keeps me going
4. Mauryn, who is just pure joy

5. My pets, who give me unconditional love

6. My mom, who taught me how to be strong in the tough times

7. My dad, who is a walking miracle

8. Daylight savings time, so I get an extra hour of sleep

9. My home, which is my safe haven

10. My neighbors Pat and Val, who have become like family since we don't have any here

11. Quiet nights at home with my family

13. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies - YUMMY!

15. Traditions

16. Crisp, autumn days

KONOS online co op
18. My elliptical machine, it allows me to run at home when my kiddos are asleep

19. Dairy cows, they keep my husband employed

20. Lance's job, which enables me to stay at home with our kids

21. Amy, she knows the real me

22. Moving, it took us out of our comfort zone

23. Days spent at the beach

24. Waking up to new fallen snow (which we don't often get here so I am REALLY thankful when it does!)

25. My brothers and sisters, who have impacted who I am today

26. My time teaching and all the kids and families who touched my life

27. Online shopping, what a time saver!

28. Baking, it relaxes me

29. Scrapbooking, I get to be creative

30. Reading, I can be transported to a whole new world

31. Sunday afternoons spent watching football and napping

32. Kara, she can always make me laugh

33. Janna, she has the sweetest and gentlest spirit

34. Blogging friends

35. My
church family
36. Jesus, who died on the cross for my sins

37. Morgan's love for learning

38. Landon's contagious smile

39. Mauryn's sweet hugs and love

Luther College and all the memories it holds
41. My nieces and nephews

42. Being called to homeschool

43. Photographs, which capture special moments and are the treasured reminders of those times

44. Early mornings, I love the peacefulness and QUIET

45. Trips to MN to visit my family and friends

The Wiggles, I love watching my kids dance to their music - pure entertainment
47. Sunrise, you never know what the new day will hold

48. Hank and Barbie, who love my kids and treat them like family

49. Nursery workers who showed up for their shifts (then I was able to go to service)

50. November, a time to reflect and be thankful (and celebrate Morgan and Mauryn's birthdays!)

I will be continuing my thankful list on my sidebar for the month of November. Leah at South Breeze Farm is marking down one thing each day that she is thankful for on her blog. She is welcoming anyone to join her. Check out her blog to join in!


Earen said...

Isn't it wonderful to have so many things to be thankful for!! Great idea!

Sarah Markley said...

Your family seems so wonderful as well as your sweet and encouraging attitude! Sunrise, also, is special to me. I love reading your blog! =)

Renee said...

Hi Kristen,

I found you through comments on Earen's blog, and Sarah Markley's blog.

I hope you don't mind my stopping by! Your blog is very encouraging. And I love Karen Kingsbury, too. I've been reading her Baxter family series for a while now, and am loving it.

I love this post, I appreciate your grateful heart!

Leah in Iowa said...

Hi Kristen ~

You told me about this thankful post you were writing for your 50th, and I forgot to swing by to check it out, until now. I'm sorry! I now have you on my Bloglines so I won't miss a single post!

What a great list! I'm so thankful for many of the same things you are. A great husband, three children, homeschooling, a church family..... Yep - we're blessed!

Hope your week has been good!

~ Leah