I was sitting down today to update my calendar and felt myself grow tense. As I worked on our day for Friday, I could hardly fit all our commitments onto my calendar. I am so frustrated that I just want to SCREAM. How could life get so busy? I know, because I can't say NO!

When we first moved to Idaho, it was so nice to have nothing on our calendar. I think Lance got a little antsy because of his ADHD personality, he needs lots of activity. I am a more of homebody, I don't like to be too busy, so I loved it. I loved the simple life. The weeks where we could be home in the evening to play games, go on walks, go on bike rides, and just enjoy each others company.

I am not sure when all the craziness of being busy started. I can not pinpoint an exact moment. Right now I am feeling overwhelmed. These next two weeks are just packed full of activities - field trips, dr and dentist appointments, putting on two birthday parties, attending a birthday party, quiz meet, baby shower, and our small group (as well as our normal stuff). When I was getting my calendar up to date, I could just feel myself suffocating in all that was going to take place and all that needs to be done. I really wanted to just lock myself in my bedroom, hide from it all, and pretend I had nothing to do. Calgon take me away.....

It is going to be a busy and at times, stressful two weeks. We will make it through, this feeling of being overwhelmed will go away. It helps just getting it all out here on my blog. I don't want to forget what November is all about in this hustle and bustle: it is a time to be thankful. I am glad I am keeping track on my sidebar to keep me focused on what is truly important. I am thankful for the word NO and I am going to start learning to use it more often and not feel bad. As I look ahead to December, our calendar is open. I want to keep it that way. I want to go back to the simple life of not having something almost every day or night. I want to enjoy being at home with my family. Right now, at this moment, I do feel overwhelmed. I know it won't last and I am grateful for that!


Leah in Iowa said...

Oh, Kristen, I'm so much like you! I live for peaceful, quiet days at home and am so blessed that my husband is such a great provider for our family, which allows me to BE at home! I think I could be content to leave the house once or twice a week! =)

Like you already stated, the busy times will come, and they will soon be over. The key is how it will affect your attitude. I'll be praying for you!

Renee said...

I too am like you. I'm a homebody who likes to have a clear schedule. I'm probably TOO much like this. I start to get overwhelmed very easily when my schedule is full. Even if they're things I like to do. I just really like my time at home with my husband and family! I guess I like to spend my time the way I want to spend it, and not have commitments?

Either way...I feel you!! Hang in there...the next 2 weeks will fly by, I'm sure. It helps to get it out on the blog, doesn't it? :)

Erin said...

I am so the same way, you read my mind exactly!!! Try to enjy it and take lots of pics :)

Not sure how i found you (blog surfing) but I like your blog!

Earen said...

I think so many of us can relate to this feeling. Hang in there & if you're anything like me, maybe God is wanting us to look at ours lives a little closer and re-evaluate.

Sarah Markley said...

I feel that way almost all the time...not a good feeling. I TOTALLY relate! Stick in there!