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TA DA! Morgan's braces! Yes, my 8 year old has braces - WOW! We went in for a consultation last week and the orthodontist suggested Phase I treatment. The way her teeth are aligned, her top and bottom teeth are rubbing together and could cause some wear on the teeth. She will be in the braces for 4-6 months and then a retainer until all her permanent teeth are in which could be 2-3 years. Then we will move to Phase II treatment. Morgan has been very excited and anxious about getting her braces. She was a trooper yesterday throughout her appointment and hasn't complained about soreness or pain at all. I think she was a little bummed when she found out all the foods she couldn't eat, like popcorn, chips/salsa - but it is only for a short period of time. The braces just make her look so much older :o( Anyone who has had braces have any advice or tips for my girl?


Leah in Iowa said...

Oh, man - braces at age 8? They're starting younger and younger these days! But I suppose its to prevent further problems down the road, huh?

I had braces and tightening days made my teeth sore. I'd say to give her some Tylenol if she complains. =)

Amy said...

Great choice in colors-Morgan. My advice is stay away from lettuce. It is a bugger to clean off of those brackets. As your MN hygienist...brush after every meal and floss daily. I know it is time comsuming but it will all be worth it when you have straight teeth with no cavities in them. Are you using an extra dose of fluoride now...either in toothpaste form or a rinse. That would be a great idea. And also did they give you any little brushes to work inbetween the bracket and tooth? If not, I can send some to ya...they work great! I loved the up close photo. I understand why they wanted to start rotating those front four teeth. Hang in there girl and keep me posted of the progress...Amy

Denise said...

I want all the details. really!
we are going to make an appointment for my 8yr old Emilie, and i have so many questions.
mostly how painful is it, does it hurt, what to expect??

hmmm- amy has lots of great tips,huh.

really no popcorn, no chips and salsa. i would'nt survive.