A Polka Dotted Birthday Party

On Friday morning, Mauryn had three of her little friends over to celebrate her birthday. As each of her friends arrived, she would stand up and squeal with delight - too cute~!

My wonderful neighbor let us use their plastic pool and little balls as an area for the babies to play. The babies loved crawling in and out of the pool and playing with the balls. I think Landon loved it even more - he thought it was fun to jump off the couch into the pool.

These are the gift bags I made for Mauryn's guests.
I printed off pictures from each month of Mauryn's life and then cut them out and hung them from lights on our fireplace. It was so fun to see her life in pictures from the last year!
Funfetti cupcakes for Mauryn's guests. Landon did all the sprinkles - he was sure a big helper!

Mauryn enjoying her cake! Oh so yummy! I thought for sure she would crash after her party but no nap for this little lady - too much excitement, too much sugar, too much birthday :o)

Mauryn got this little scooter for her birthday. She is too short (and probably too young) to get herself going on it, so big sister has been recruited for the job. Mauryn loves to be pushed around on it. She just giggles and smiles.
All in all a fun day!


Leah in Iowa said...

What a fun day! I loved the gift bag ideas, with her picture on the front, as well as the "year in pictures" idea for your mantle. You are so creative! What lucky kids you have! =)

Renee said...

What a sweet party!! I love the gift bags, and the pictures hanging from the lights. Great ideas!!

I'm glad she had such a good birthday. Looks like fun!!