Date Night (Sort of)

Almost a year ago, I received a gift certificate from my sister sister at church for dinner and movie tickets. The gift certificate was about to expire, so we planned a date night for last night. Here is how our evening went:

5:00 pm Babysitter arrives and Mauryn wakes up from a LONG afternoon nap (she is fighting a cold so this was a blessing)

5:05 pm Give the babysitter the rundown on the evening, show her where everything is, get kiddos settled/distracted

5:10 pm In the car, ready to back out of the driveway when the garage door opens. Landon is screaming, sees us in the car, and slams the door shut. At least he didn't run after the car but the look on his face was pitiful. Lance goes after Landon, he is a mess, we get him calmed down and he goes back in with the babysitter.

5:15 pm Make it to the restaurant, enjoy a quiet dinner without kids

6:00 pm Go walk around Costco to look at cameras, ipods

6:30 pm Check in call to home, Morgan answers and tells us they are trying to get dinner going but Mauryn just wants to be held. I talked to the babysitter who said they were fine and we didn't need to come home.

6:50 pm Get to the movie theater, get our popcorn (can't watch a movie without it) and soda

6:55 pm Lance's cell phone rings - it is Morgan, Mauryn is screaming and we need to come home.

7:00 pm Get a refund on our tickets

7:10 pm Arrive home with our HUGE tub of popcorn and soda in hand. Kids are all quiet and eating dinner.

9:00 pm Kids are all in bed, we are in comfy clothe, we have our soda and HUGE tub of popcorn, throw in the DVD of We are Marshall (good movie) that we have had from Netflix for far too long and veg on the couch

I think the problem with Mauryn was that she was so hungry. She ate from the moment we got home until she went to bed. When Landon went back in the house after his fit, he asked to watch a movie. When the sitter put the movie in, they all watched it in our bonus room. Dinner didn't get started until after the movie was over at 6:30 pm. I thought they would eat right away so I hadn't given Mauryn a snack. I should have probably just had the kids eat when we left and then they could have had a bigger snack before bed. This is the first time we have had a sitter since we have lived in Idaho. If we go out usually our we trade with our neighbors or some friends. Any tips for the next time we have a sitter?


Denise said...

ahhh parenthood.
you made the best of your date, and at least you didn't have to sit behind someone too tall, or have to listen to someone gripe at someone else to turn off their cell phone mid way through the movie (i'm trying to look on the bright side).
i love that you went to costco, that is exactly what we would have done.

Short Stop said...

Oh boy...I wish I had some tips. We've only used a babysitter a few times, and now that we live away from family, we are trying to figure it all out!

I'm so glad you got to get out for a bit though!! :)

BTW, I tagged you for something over at my blog. Only do it if you want...but I thought it was fun! :)

Aunt Kristy said...

Sounds like a perfect evening... at least you didn't have to go check on a cow during, after, or instead of a date! :) Friends keep telling me dates are possible after the kids turn 18! Good for you, keep trying and did they have the drums? L and drums? Still trying to fit those 2 together... :)