Landon's Christmas Program

Landon had his first Christmas program today. His Sunday School teacher told the class if they sang LOUD they would get a candy cane. Being LOUD is something my boy does well :P This video is off our camera so it isn't great and doesn't quite give you the full volume effect, but it is precious!


Earen said...

How cute is that!!

Short Stop said...

OH my goodness! SO adorable. I can't wait til Jack can be part of a program.

Thanks for sharing this. It made me smile all the way through!! :)

Aunt Kristy said...

Can hardly wait to share this with B, she is going to giggle just like I'm doing!!!! We LOVE L!!! :)

Denise said...

i bet you were grinning from ear to ear!
these were the moments i wanted to shout "that's my boy!"
so cute, thanks for sharing.

Renee said...

SOO cute!!!
I really like your new header...your kids are adorable!!

Jennifer Partin said...

What sweet music to my ears! I really love this song. Thank you for your sweet comment on my Blog. I hope to get to know you more through my site and yours! Merry Christmas.