Shoveling Snow

We had a little snow fall on Friday, enough that we still had a bit of snow to shovel after lunch (usually it all melts).  I was on my way out to shovel when Landon said, "Mom, you don't have to do it. I will shovel the snow for you."  Landon worked diligently on his own for a while and then Lance helped him finish up when he got him.  What a little worker!

Landon using his Gator to dump snow!

I love that Landon wants to be so helpful!  One of his favorite phrases lately "I'll do that for you mom!"  Music to this mama's ears!  


Renee said...

Happy New Year, Kristen!!

It feels like it's been forever!!

Thank you so much for the advent book, and the sweet note. I am looking forward to putting some of the great ideas in the book into practice. It means a lot to me that you took the time to mail it to me, and were generous enough to do so. Thank you!!

I'm glad to hear that your Christmas was a happy one. It looks like you're really enjoying this time with your family. Yay!!

And your kids are sooo cute!! I love seeing pictures of them. They make me smile. :)

So, I have to ask, since I lived near Denver for 14 years. How come you're such big Broncos fans? I'm a fan too, but they're not as prominent in our house, especially now that we're back in MI, because my husband is a Lions fan. (Not a very rewarding devotion, unfortunately.)

I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Years!

Rojas' said...

We were just in the mountains and it snowed! We don't always get a white christmas here in the OC! It looks so pretty though! Helpers are so wonderful :}