Random Christmas Stuff

* A few weeks ago, a friend and I were talking about Advent and the different things we were going to be doing in our homes to celebrate the birth of Jesus. She told me that she had ordered a set called What God Wants for Christmas. It was made by the creators of the Resurrection Eggs used to tell the Easter story. I was at our local Christian book store on Friday night and I found it. My kids have been LOVING it! There are seven boxes that look like wrapped gifts. In boxes 1-6 are characters from the nativity. The first box is the angel Gabriel, the second box is Mary, etc.. For each box there is a poem to read and there are scripture verses you can look up. The seventh box contains a mirror because what God wants for Christmas is YOU! I am so thankful I came across this activity for my kids. This is an activity that both Morgan and Landon can enjoy together. Morgan can read from her bible while Landon plays with the characters and just listens to the poems. My friend ordered her box from Family Life , but I also saw it on line at Christian Book Distributors.
* Renee had mentioned this CD in her Christmas post. I picked it up on Friday and we love it! Landon is really enjoying the Veggie Tales right now so he was excited about this CD. It is really fun! The kids' favorite songs right now are The Friendly Beasts and Was He A Boy Like Me

* Morgan had her Christmas program today. I only made it in for a bit second service, we had lots of sick people or people who forgot to show up for nursery. It was a bit crazy this morning, and the frazzled feeling started when we all OVERSLEPT! Lance and I are both morning people so we never set our alarm for Sunday morning, there is just no need. Well, today would have been a good day since Lance woke up at 8:05 am! We were all sound asleep. We got ready, had breakfast, and made it to church by 9:05 am so I could get the nursery open and Morgan could get to practice. Anyway, someone with a speaking part didn't show up, so Morgan was asked last minute to take on this speaking role for the program. She did a great job! I am glad she was willing to help out and not nervous about speaking in front of a group (that skill she does not get from her mom!)
* Our Christmas cards were supposed to arrive on Thursday and have now been delayed until Tuesday! UGH! I don't know that I have ever been this late getting my cards out but there is nothing I can do about it. I have been debating about writing a Christmas letter. This will be the first year in many that I haven't. I have not come up with a creative idea for the letter and I sort of feel like most of what would go in my Christmas letter is on my blog so it would be repetitive. I was thinking about just putting a label on the back of our cards with my blog address for our friends who don't know about it. I don't know what to do!
* I have been enjoying all the cards and letters we have received so far this year. I post all the pictures from our friends and family on our kitchen cupboards and leave them up until spring. It is so fun to have the pictures up and see how blessed we are to have all these people in our lives. It is also a great reminder to pray for all of our friends and family when we are looking at them each day.
* Landon is not a good secret keeper- he basically told me my Christmas gift. I sort of had it figured out anyway by the way the packages were wrapped but I was playing along until Landon gave it up - really by accident. On Thursday our neighbors had their beautiful baby boy. When we were at the hospital visiting and taking pictures, Morgan said something about the camera. Landon said "Morgan, you are not supposed to talk about the camera in front of mom!" That was clue #1. Then on Friday we were driving through the parking lot of a local grocery store and there is a little strip mall there. As we were driving Landon points out the window and says "Hey mom that is where we got your Christmas present." The store was Idaho Camera. So that was Clue #2. I am getting a new digital camera - YEAH!! There are a few other little packages so I said to Landon - what are in those other packages (remember I am a horrible snoop -but I do love surprises) - Landon said "Mom, I can't tell you that!"
* The last of my shopping is done - I just had to finish the stocking stuffers. All the gifts are wrapped and under the trees. So far, Mauryn has left the trees alone. I think next year it will be more of an issue. She has really left the gifts alone too, except for climbing on the bigger boxes and sitting on them.
* On Tuesday we are getting together with another family who participates in our online co op to do some Christmas activities. We are going to make candles, decorate gingerbread houses, and the kids are going to break open a star shaped pinata. It should be fun. Then we are officially on Christmas Break! YES, I can't wait!


Renee said...

I love these Christmas posts!! It is so fun to see what Christmas in other houses looks like.

A speaker at my MOPS group told us about that 'What God Wants for Christmas'. It looks like a great idea...I'm glad your kids like it! The mirror is a wonderful idea.

I'm glad you like the Veggietales CD. It is on most of the time, in our home. I LOVE the 'Was He a Boy Like Me' song, but I can't help dancing to 'Jingle Ka Ching'.

Yay, Morgan!!

Did you have (are you having) fun today with your friends? Building gingerbread houses sounds fun!!

Earen said...

Ok, now I'm going to have to go purchase that CD for my kiddos. The 'What God Wants for Christmas' looks like a great idea too! Thanks for sharing.