I need your help!

Here are the proofs from the Christmas photo session with the kids. I need help picking our Christmas card photo - let me know your favorite. I am not really loving any of them. In the past it has been hard to choose because they are so good. This year we are just trying to pick a decent photo. Amazing how the dynamics change with each child added. Morgan and Landon were so worried about Mauryn that it was hard to get shot of them even looking at the camera. Oh what we go through for the Christmas picture! We also had Morgan's 8 year photo (her school photo since we homeschool) and Mauryn's 1 year photo taken at the same time. Mauryn was not enjoying the photo session, so her pictures are less than stellar but will serve as a great reminder of that evening.


Leah in Iowa said...

I guess I liked photo 6 made into Card 1 the best. =) What cute kids!!

Denise said...

many cute pix.
we have done many collage cards.
that is my suggestion. i liked
pix 35,36,91.

Short Stop said...

I'm going with 6! I love that one. It looks like she want so to give you a hug! :)

What cute shots. We're gonna attempt this weekend. UGH!!

Rojas' said...

Hey Kristin, I'd say I have to agree with #6. She looks so cute! But I do think that they are all pretty cute :} Shannon

Renee said...

I'm probably too late to get in on the voting, but I would have picked 6 too. VERY cute!!