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This year we have received a LARGE quantity of catalogs, maybe not more than other years but this year I have paid more attention to how many went in the garbage or recycling bin. I decided to do something useful with the catalogs and made Landon his own alphabet book. I wanted a book that would have pictures of things that were meaningful to him. Landon's interest in school is well quite minimal. He takes interest in projects I do with Morgan (some days) and reading books but other than that it is hit or miss. I was looking for something to help motivate him to learn his letters. I asked Landon to help me choose pictures (with LOTS and LOTS of guidance) for his special book. Once we found the pictures and attached them to card stock, my wonderful neighbor took them to her school and laminated them. Landon LOVES it! He carries that book with him around the house and I am amazed at how many letters he has picked up in a short period of time. Whew - now my stress level can decrease a bit with him. (I put way too much pressure on myself when it comes to homeschooling my kids)

We woke up to snow falling yesterday morning! What a wonderful surprise. It was a beautiful snowfall and the kids were thrilled. They bundled up and went outside to play in the snow. They really wanted to make a snowman but it just wasn't good snowman making snow. I had to laugh at them when they went outside - instead of wearing a hat Landon just sported his all time favorite ski helmet and Morgan was wearing her spring jacket over her fleece because she couldn't find (or rather didn't look) for her coat.

Morgan had her first gymnastics meet almost two weeks ago. I can't believe I didn't post about it (bad mommy!). For her first meet, it went really well. I am so proud of her! After the meet they receive a certificate where the judges write down a positive comment for each event and then they marked down anything that caused a deduction. As we went over Morgan's sheet it was great to see she has all the skills and most of her deductions were for little things like bent arms and legs - things she can keep refining in practice. What really stirred my heart that day was watching her coaches and how positive they were. You sometimes hear stories of coaches making mean comments or yelling at the gymnasts if they make mistakes. After each event the coaches were encouraging, giving hugs and high 5's - so much positive reinforcement and building of self esteem. Morgan's participation in gymnastics is about her following her passion for the sport. This is the first time in her 8 years where she has truly been "into" something. I am encouraged that her coaches are working on building self esteem, good work habits, and other lifelong skills. They understand that they are teaching these girls more than gymnastics.
This is a picture of Morgan at warm ups. We didn't get any good pictures because my camera is far too slow -AARGH~! Maybe by her next meet in January I will have a new camera. (Lance if you are reading this hint hint - anniversary and Christmas are coming up :P)

An update from my
post the other day: The baby went home to be with our Lord yesterday. She passed away in the loving arms of her parents. After meeting with the doctors the family chose not to continue life saving measures as the baby was unable to breath on her own and her organs were failing. Thank you to everyone who was praying for them. Please keep this family in your prayers through this very difficult time.


Renee said...

It's sweet to read about your kids. The laminated cards are a great idea! And it sounds like they're working. Yay!

How wonderful that Morgan has encouraging coaches. I know that is a blessing in the midst of a competitive sport. I'm sure it's great to see your child find something she loves, and has a passion for. I pray that we can help our girls find their passions as well.

I will continue to be praying for the family you mentioned. Andy and I have been talking a lot lately about death, and about how it's supposed to be a good thing. (We have some life/death situations in our circle of family and friends right now, so it's been on our mind.) If you're a Christian, going home is such a wonderful thing-we live in such a fallen world. But as wonderful as it is for the person who is going home, it's just as hard for the people who are left here in the fallen world.

I will be praying that they can see their little one in the Father's arms, and take comfort in knowing that this little one is well taken care of now.

Denise said...

beautiful, glorious snow!
i want some.

Earen said...

The ABC book with your catalogs is a great idea & I'm sure it was fun for him. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's baby passing, but rejoicing that this little one is whole & healed and with our Jesus. I will be praying for the family...I can't imagine the hurt in their hearts.

Fun, snow! We are having some good snow here too & the boys want to be out in it all the time!

Short Stop said...

I'm still praying for that family! It's heartbreaking, but God is faithful and He will bring them through.

I LOVE the alphabet book you made. It's awesome! You are so creative...what a great idea. And, I agree...the sheer number of catalogs we got this year was crazy. I must have thrown out 20 of them.

I'm hoping you get that new camera, too! ;) Morgan looks like she's becoming quite the gymnast!

Sarah Markley said...

Way to go Morgan! And I love the pictures of the new snow!

I am so sorry to hear about the baby. We will keep praying for the family too!