Landon + Markers =


But Mom, I just wanted to look like a Broncos fan!

Thank God for Crayola's washable markers. I think we will be taking a break from coloring with markers and we will be reading this book!


Leah in Iowa said...

As I was waiting for your blog to load, I was imagining a beautiful mural on the wall or something. So glad it was just his tummy! =)

Earen said...

GO BRONCOS! Smart boy!

Short Stop said...

Oh my...I have surely been there!

Did you see my carpet painter post from a couple of weeks ago? You should take a look at it... :)

Aunt Kristy said...

It must run in the family, J attempted to eat a red ink pad (not washable) on Sunday. In the hurry to save my white walls from his hands, face, AND feet, I didn't think to catch this "magic moment" on film. Good job mom!