The decorations are still up, the trees are up, the lights are on, the Christmas music is playing, there are still cookies, candies, the gingerbread house, and other treats on the counter.  I am savoring all these last moments of the season.  I am in no hurry to erase the feeling of Christmas from our home.

We had a truly joyous and relaxing Christmas.  Here is a little glimpse of our Christmas this year!

Our pastor called last week to ask if Morgan would be willing to read Luke 2:1-20 for the candlelight Christmas Eve service. I missed the service because Landon and Mauryn were sick, but Lance said she did a wonderful job.  

On Christmas Eve, the kids get to open the gifts under their tree (any gifts not from us).  Mauryn had been so sickly all day, it was nice to see her doing one of her favorite things that night - climbing!
My boys in their new Broncos stocking caps - just in time for the Broncos game Christmas Eve.  Thanks Grandpa Cheney!
Landon had been asking for a drum set for months.  Of course his Grandma and Grandpa Schoeb couldn't refuse his request.  I am not sure who likes the drum set more Landon or his dad!  It is bringing back those high school band memories for Lance :o)
The kids patiently waiting to come downstairs the check out their stockings and Santa gift.
I love this picture of Landon.  He just went flying into his Bronco bean bag chair.  He was so excited about it!
Mauryn just hanging out!
Landon had a Denver Broncos themed Christmas. The bean bag chair, new jersey, uniform complete with helmet and shoulder pads, and some Bronco lights!

Morgan was completely surprised when she opened her ONLY gift.  She couldn't imagine why she had only one present, until she opened her ipod nano.  I don't know that the ipod has been set down very much over the last few days.  
We finished Christmas Day by celebrating Jesus' birth with his birthday cake -complete with singing and candles.  It was a day for celebrating, a day for enjoying time together as a family, a day for remembering the greatest gift ever given Jesus.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


Short Stop said...

What an awesome day! I LOVED being able to see the pics of everyone. Your precious family looks so sweet with all of their gifts!

Merry Christmas, Kristen! :)

Earen said...

GO BRONCOS! I'm glad to see how loyal your son & husband are to our poor football team this year. You know you're a true fan when you're with them in the good seasons & bad! Your Christmas sounds wonderful & I'm glad to hear it was relaxing for you!