It has been a busy week - it all seems like a blur. Here is what has been going on:

* We have been busy making some art projects. We made snowflakes out of glue and sprinkled them with glitter. We didn't make our glue lines thick enough so when we took them off the wax paper they broke - a lesson learned for next year. The kids made Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer out of their hands (antlers) and feet (his face) and of course we used the glitter for his red nose. We are still finding glitter everywhere! The kids also made paper chains to countdown the days until Jesus' birthday. Today we are making Jesus' birthday cake so we can have it for dessert tomorrow.

* Our local Christian bookstore had a pirate party to promote the new Veggie Tales movie coming out in January. We stopped in for a little bit so the kids could play games and do the crafts. Landon's favorite was the pirate eye patch - Aye their Matey's!

* On Tuesday we hosted our small group Christmas party. It was so nice to relax, enjoy our friendships, and laugh - ALOT!

* I baked some roll out sugar cookies and the kids had a great time decorating them. I am not sure which had more frosting, the cookies or Landon's belly :P

* A church down the street from our house has a living nativity each year. The kids look forward to going each year to see and pet the animals -the camel is their favorite. Mauryn didn't even mind when he was trying to eat her mittens. It was a beautiful night for enjoying some hot chocolate and the story of our Savior's birth.

* It is snowing!! We are going to have a white Christmas. I am so excited. It just seems more like Christmas with snow on the ground. While we have just a dusting, enough to cover the grass, the mountains have been getting lots of snow - 30 inches over a 3 day period. On Saturday we loaded up the kids to go skiing, well Lance and the two older ones skied while Mauryn and I held down the fort in the lodge. It was a beautiful day and not too crowded, considering Thursday when they opened the mountain there were 4000 people there to ski. The kids both did great skiing. Morgan does an excellent job and has advanced to some harder runs. Landon is still learning, but can get down the bunny slope on his own and Lance's back and legs are thankful! Landon just needs to work on getting back up after he falls. I am sure he will have that down before the end of the ski season. Lance's knee held up great. He was a little worried how it would go since his surgery last March but it felt good. He did have a little swelling and soreness afterwards but a small price to pay for him to do something he loves and instill that love in his children.
* We made lefse yesterday - YUMMY! I am working on a post about the process of lefse making and hopefully I will have it finished by tomorrow.
* We have two sickies in our house. Mauryn and Landon both have pnemonia and ear infections - just in time for Christmas. Thankfully we are just staying home and laying low. I am glad we hadn't planned a trip to MN or it would have been a bust with sick kiddos. Boy did this stuff come on fast! They both had coughs and Mauryn's got progressively worse as the day went on yesterday. That poor little thing was poked and proded so much last night. We went to quick care and they wouldn't even see her because her heart rate was 220 - much too fast. So they sent us to the ER. She ended up with nasal swab, EKG, chest xray, and just not much fun. Her heart rate came down and they sent us home last night with a return to our pediatrician today. Mauryn got two shots this morning and will start her oral antibiotics tonight. Landon is just on oral meds and he is thrilled to not be getting a shot. Mauryn goes back to the dr on Wednesday. I am thankful for a pediatrician who would check out my other kids even when they didn't seem sick (Landon)! I am thankful she listens and cares about my kids. I am thankful Mauryn can be treated at home! Keep my babies in your prayers for a quick recovery.

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