The stockings are hung .....

over the fireplace :o)

The smell of pine trees permiate the house. I love the smell of the Christmas tree. I look forward to the day each year when we can put our tree up and start decorating for the holidays. Last week, Lance, Morgan, and Landon went off to the local tree farm to get a tree. Lance always does a great job of picking out the perfect tree.

Two years ago we bought the kids an artifical tree to put up with their decorations. They were so excited this year that they put up the tree on their own and decoarted it. Landon even got out the camera and took this picture. (mom helped with a little photo editing)

Here is part of our house with lights. The kids begged Lance for colored lights this year. I am not sure that we will have colored lights again as Lance prefers the white lights but he indulged his children this year. What a good daddy!

Landon has been enjoying the nativity scenes this year. Each day he is using the characters to act out the story of Jesus' birth. We did find the Little People nativity in a box a few days ago. He was thrilled! He told me yesterday, he needs some more shepherds for his LP set. I guess we will be ordering some more shepherds :P


Leah in Iowa said...
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Leah in Iowa said...

I'm not sure I could ever commit to putting colored lights on the outside of the house. The girls string them in their own rooms, which is fine. But what a guy you have, that would oblige his children in such a public way! =) Ha!

Merry Christmas,

~ Leah

Earen said...

How fun! I just love Christmas & everything about it. It's wonderful that your son is so focused on the nativity. What a great example!

Aunt Kristy said...

Hubby's a wimp! Lights on those dormers would be incredible. I offered to catch but Landon didn't think my muscles were big enough! Looks beautiful! B and J voted for colored too, well actually J tried to eat them so I counted that as his vote. Not quite as good as Lefse or cereal with M. :)

Renee said...

Your house looks beautiful, and very festive!! I really like your tree...it looks perfect.

I love Christmas. Thanks for sharing these pictures!