The Boss

"You are not the boss of me!"
This is the phrase that my boy seems to be saying to his older sister at least once a day over the past week. I am not sure where he picked the phrase up, but when he says it the little man is so serious. He isn't being sassy or disrespectful to his sister, he is just reminding her of the fact that she is not the boss.

Last night as we are riding in the car and Landon is belting out (or as he says jamming out) to some Go Fish Guys:
Morgan: Landon can you turn your music down and not sing so loud
Landon: Morgan, you are not the boss of me or my itunes
(Lance and I trying not to laugh out loud)
************************************************************************************************************* Morgan and Landon share a bedroom for the time being. Morgan was cleaning out/organizing her dresser today and wanted to try some things on to see if they still fit.

Morgan: Landon, can you leave the room because I need to try on some clothes
Landon: Morgan you are not the boss of me, this room or my drum set.
(Again, I try not to burst out laughing)


Short Stop said...

OH my. Sounds just like something Jack would say.

His latest is "You can't do anything." (except that one is directed at me!) Let's just say that phrase is immediately followed by a time out.

Where on earth do they get these things?

Renee said...

Oh, that's funny. I love the things he adds at the end, too. "You are not the boss of me AND MY ITUNES." Hilarious!!


Rachel Slagle said...

so cute and funny! i'm totally laughing right now :)

Earen said...

Honestly...a phrase I still use to this day with my husband! HA! In joking of course. That's just too funny!!

Dave and Jenni said...

I loved the iTunes comment. Hilarious! I'd have a hard time not laughing too!