Life is good when

- you have a birthday coming up - you have a new sand table
- your best friend is your next door neighbor and she is as rough and tumble as you are
- the sun is shining and you can be outside
- you get to go to the park to play
- you can wear your Broncos football uniform, pads, helmet and cowboy boots to your sister's dr appointment and people think you are cute :o)
- you can sing, run, sing, jump, and sing all day long
- you get to have the ring pop from the birthday party you attended
- you get to snuggle up in bed with mom or dad to read Clifford or Critter books
- your baby sister wakes up so you can "jam out" on your drums
- you get to play games on the neighbors wii
- each day is an adventure waiting to happen


Dave and Jenni said...

Sounds like one of those days that, as a parent, leaves a smile on your face too. :)

Short Stop said...

Ring Pops? I LOVE those things!

Yes, life is very, very good when you have each of these things! :)

BTW, do you have a Wii? We don't, but I think they're hilariously fun! :)

Earen said...

How fun! Life is good and great that you view them through the eyes of a child!

Sarah Markley said...

Beautiful...I LOVE adventures!

lindsey cheney said...

so sweet - makes me anticipate the times i'll have like that with my boy!

Leah in Iowa said...

How fortunate your kiddos are! I know you're all so blessed by God's grace, letting this fun childhood be "normal" for them. Blessed beyond measure!

~ Leah

Anonymous said...

I'm not a game person but that Wii looks like fun!

That's the life,eh? Oh to be a kid again.....