A Little Mothering

Mauryn has decided to try her hand at mothering a baby doll.  It's been very sweet to watch but let's hope her skills improve over time :o)
throw baby on the floor

cover baby with blanket and check to see if she is okay

try again but lay baby on the floor this time

straighten the blanket
cover baby up, even her face, pick her up and you are ready to go 


Rachel Slagle said...

Dillon has a few Elmo's that he carries around - and he always throws them down! Such a boy :)

Dave and Jenni said...

That's hilarious! Sounds like my Anna. Only, she insists on undressing baby and carrying her around while banging on her back as if to burp her. Poor baby must be cold and have whiplash! LOL!

Leah in Iowa said...

For such a little girl, she's sure got the mothering thing down pat! That is precious!! =)

~ Leah

Sarah Markley said...

That's okay...Naomi usually hugs and cuddles, then throws the baby doll hard against the tile as if to tell me and the doll that she's all done!

lindsey cheney said...

oh, i love that stage!

Short Stop said...

Love her hair...Mauryn's, that is.

Baby dolls? What are they? ;)

Rohal Call said...

cute...very, very cute...

I just love that girls are attracted to things like dolls and tea parties and dress up clothes from such a young age. Fun to see her maternal instinct coming out already....and yes, I am sure her skills will improve. :)

Renee said...

How sweet she is, Kristen! It's fun to see her standing, and 'mothering' her doll.

Becca is 100% mother. She has to have clean diapers for her doll and Elmo in her crib before bed. And a toy bottle. First thing in the morning when she wakes up, she 'changes Elmo's diaper', and her doll's diaper, and then gives them each a bottle. She puts them down for naps during the day, and puts them in highchairs for meals. It cracks us up.

Allie is starting to pick up some of these tendencies, too. Isn't it funny?