I *heart* my Pearl Izumis

On Tuesday night, I went to this store, had a 3D foot print taken and found a wonderful new pair of running shoes.  A few reasons why I love my new running shoes:

* they were 25% off 
* they have great arch support
* they are so light it doesn't even feel like I have shoes on
* they are a cool green color
* for the first time in 5 years after a run outside, my IT band was not sore :o)

I think these shoes can carry my body 26.2 miles!


Earen said...

Very cool looking shoes! I need some of those!

Renee said...


I have the hardest time finding running/ workout shoes that don't hurt my feet. Funny...I never had that problem before I got pregnant....

Those shoes WILL carry you 26.2 miles!!

Have you had a chance to be captured by Anna more??? :)

Rohal Call said...

Cute shoes...bonus that they were on sale! :) Love the color. How great that they custom fit them to your feet.

Sarah Markley said...

very cute!!!

Dave and Jenni said...

Look who is so fancy! :) Mine for the 5K were not so snazzy, but I am not nearly as ambitious either (in a good way, that is). :)

Anonymous said...

I want to do the whole foot thing too!

How cool!

Personally, I'm a Saucony girl. :)

Short Stop said...

WOO HOO! Love that color.

You're awesome for taking on this challenge! :)

Leah in Iowa said...

SO stylin'!! =)