Misc Happenings

* We have had 19 inches of snow in the last week! Unreal!  This is an atypical winter for the valley, but I am LOVING all the snow!  On Sunday morning we woke up to 7 fresh inches of snow. It was a glorious morning with big flakes falling from the sky, snowflakes sticking to the tree branches, the yard was undisturbed - no snowmen built, no tracks in the snow from kids or dogs  - it was truly like a picture.

* I had my first training session for my marathon on Saturday morning.  It was a bit chilly and the roads and path were ice and snow covered - which made running a bit of a challenge. It was great to get out and get running again and to meet my other team mates. I am so excited about this adventure! 

* We spent Saturday afternoon at Morgan's gymnastics meet.  Her team took 1st place again. Go Danik!  Morgan placed 2nd all around for her age group and 1st on the floor exercise.  It was definitely her best performance on floor and guess what happens - we ran out of tape in the video camera. UGH!  
* I have been experimenting with picnik, a photo editing website.  Experimenting is the key word!  There are definitely some neat features and I can't wait to spend some more time with it.

* Thank you bloggy  friends who responded to this post.  Lunch time has been going better over this past week.  We tried a few new things that were a hit - english muffin pizzas and italian dunkers (cheesy garlic bread dipped in marinara).  I think it just helped to see we are just like other families out there when it comes to lunch time.

* Mauryn is officially a walker! She has been taking steps for about two months but not consistently walking. If she would fall, then she would just start to crawl. No longer - now she is walking everywhere.  She has also figured out how to climb the ladder and go down the little tikes slide in our bonus room.  The child has no fear!  

* We spent Super Bowl Sunday with our wonderful neighbors - eating yummy snacks and lazing around in our sweats. I love the fact that they are so like family- there is no entertaining, just hanging out, feeling as comfortable in their house as my own.  We are so blessed!

* This year in school we are participating in an online coop.  We started the year learning about explorers, then the early settlers, and now the American Revolution.  I am sure I learned about all these things at some point in school, but I don't remember them.  This year, teaching this to Morgan, I am finally "getting it".  I see how all the events in history are tied together, I see how these men and women were inquisitive and courageous, I see how they had a faith in God and how they wanted to be able to worship God without the control of the king or queen.  They founded this country on a belief that we were one nation under God - what has happened to that belief?  It pains me to see how far from the ideals of our founding fathers our country is right now.  I have never been very political - I vote but I am not necessarily the most informed voter.  I am not an activist in any sense of the word. Studying the founding of our nation has really struck a chord with me - I knew, I heard, I saw, but now I feel.  I feel like I need to be more informed, I feel I need to teach my children to be informed and discerning, I feel I need to pay closer attention to what is happening in our society, and  I feel like I need to be more vocal on issues instead of sitting back and keeping the thoughts in my head (i am fearful of sharing my opinions because i don't want to cause a conflict, offend, or upset).

* I finished Little Women - the first book to be checked off my Reading Challenge - yeah!  (more on this later)


Dave and Jenni said...

Congratulations Morgan! I'm sure you all were beaming with pride! Can't wait to hear what you thought about Little Women.

Sarah Markley said...

Your little gymnastics queen is so cute! Congrats. Also, love picnik and love the snow. Happy running!

Renee said...

This was a fun post. I love reading about the goings on in your home.

Way to go, Morgan!! That's great!! How fun for her.

We've had a lot of snow here, too. There are 4 ft piles of snow along our driveway, from our shoveling. And it just keeps coming. I know it's hard to drive in, but it sure is beautiful.

So excited to hear about your marathon! Good for you for running in the cold.

Have you received Anna yet? I'm really enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for going running despite weather conditions.

The camera mishap----I would have done the same thing. You'll just have to store that memory in your heart.

Earen said...

Fun reading all your happenings! Great pictures of the snow!!

Rohal Call said...

Wow! There is a lot of info in this post!

-Send some of that snow my way
-Congratulations on your first training session..especially going out there in the cold and snow. Good job!
-Love the picture of Morgan at her gymnastics meet. Can't wait for you to get some of it on film for us to see.
-Glad that english muffin pizzas made the lunch list
-Friends that you don't feel like you have to host are just the best.
-Congrats on finishing your first book. What's next on the list?

Shan said...

I can't believe I was complaining about my "snow drift" in the mountains - you had to just be laughing at me!! So pretty though! And your inspiring me with the running shoes - I never want to fork out the $ for good shoes and I pay for it in the end! Hum - I think I need a blue print of my foot :}