We're here!

We made it to northern Idaho after:
- 8 hours in the car, including two stops
- driving some curvy mountain roads
- one car sick kiddo (there will be dramamine for the trip home)
- going through 3 temperature changes - 37 to 17 to 57 and back to 30 degree temps
- one 30 minute period where all 3 kids were sleeping (and that was about all the sleep for the kids on the entire trip - even the babe!)

The kids traveled so well - what a blessing!  The first thing on their agenda when we got to the hotel was to hit the swimming pool- which was perfect because they needed some time to play after the long car ride.  It was fairly quiet in the pool area so the kids basically has the pool to themselves.  Of course that was a hit!

Mauryn is fighting a cold and has decided she wants nothing to do with the pack and play so she has been up since 4:30 am (me too!).   She is one tired little baby, but she has been a trooper and is hanging in there. She is sleeping on me right now. (She walked up to me saying "me, me momma" so I picked her up and she was out within seconds.)  Every time I put her in the pack and play, even asleep, she starts to scream.  I am not sure what her issue is right now, but at least she is taking a bit of a nap.  I am praying tonight goes better or it could be an awfully long weekend.


lindsey cheney said...

oh, i hope you both get some sleep! or at least maybe you'll get lots of snuggle time with her while she sleeps in her arms. glad the car ride was safe.

Renee said...

Oh, you sweet thing!! How long are you going to be away? One more night? Two?

I will be praying for sleep for you. And cute little Mauryn.

She sounds so old to me, walking, and talking. Allie still prefers her knees, and doesn't have much to say yet.

I'm glad that you're trip out went fairly well, and I will be praying that your trip home goes better, with more sleeping.

Enjoy your weekend, Kristen!

Earen said...

I'm glad you survived the trip! Enjoy your time & swimming. You've got to love a hotel with a pool.

Anonymous said...


Maybe she has an ear infection and to lay in the pack and play hurts. Perhaps, that is why she enjoys sleeping upright against mommy. Just a thought.

Praying for grace. Atleast everyone is together. These are what make up memories. :)

Short Stop said...

I'm late in commenting, but Jack went through a similar stage with the pack n play. It's SO hard when they won't sleep well in it on trips.