- does it take so much work to pack for a weekend away?
- do we take as much stuff for a weekend as a week long vacation?
- did Mauryn have to wake up with a cold yesterday?
- do I feel the need to have my house spotless before we go?
- have I checked and rechecked to make sure we have all Morgan's gymnastics stuff?
- does my "to do" list seem to be getting longer instead of shorter?
- am I blogging instead of packing?

Off to finish packing and organizing our stuff!


Anonymous said...

Fun! some time away.....

Can't wait to see the photos! MAybe this place will have a heated pool like last time. Have fun!

lindsey cheney said...

have a fun weekend, can't wait to see pics. go morgan!!!!

Earen said...

I hope you have a great time! I experience some of the very same "whys" as you do when getting ready for a little getaway...

Denise said...

hi kristen!
i hate packing,and unpacking,
and why does it take so much for just one weekend,
and yes the house HAS to be spotless, because it says, "welcome home" when you return (rather than reminding you of all you didn't do, and add unpacking and laundry to that.. aahhh!!)
i'm not helping.
but the finally getting there is worth it all.
enjoy! Enjoy! ENJOY!!

Short Stop said...

Oh, my friend...I could have written this post many times on our trips back home.

And, there I would sit...blogging! :):)

Great minds think alike!