Sunday afternoons are for:

- curling up on the couch with your favorite blanket for a nap
- reading a good book while cozied up on the couch
- watching college basketball
- playing board games and card games
- eating lots of snacks
- playing outside and enjoying the sunshine
- going on walks and bike rides
- playing with friends
- catching up with the neighbors
- resting, relaxing, and being a little bit lazy


Dave and Jenni said...

Those are what are Sundays are normally like, but not yesterday! Oh, how I can't wait for this Sunday - it's the one day of the week with a slow, lazy pace and I love it!

Anonymous said...

relish those sabbaths!

Sarah Markley said...

sounds perfect...hows the running coming? are you all iced in?

Claire Kennedy said...

Excellent idea! It's my hope everyone here can check our blog out...

God Bless,
Claire Kennedy

Short Stop said...

YES! That's exactly what they're for! :)