A Rainy Day

I woke up to the rain falling this morning. Oh how I wish it were warm enough to sleep with the windows open and listen to the rain, but then I may not have crawled out of bed!  I did venture out in the rain and run this morning. It was mild morning and actually very peaceful in the rain. 

 Here is how we are spending our rainy day:
- the kids are staying in pajamas as long as possible (oh wait,  that isn't so different from other days)
- hunting for plastic Easter eggs in the house
- drinking hot chocolate
- eating homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch
- having school in front of the fireplace
- curling up with a blanket and a book
- watching Landon and Mauryn play in the kitchen and with baby dolls together (they made a HUGE mess but it was quiet for a good 15-20 minutes - the mess was worth seeing them playing together)
- a nap on the couch with my favorite blanket
- painting
- having a date with my boy: eating popcorn, watching The Fox and The Hound, snuggling under the blanket (Mauryn is napping and Morgan is at gymnastics)
- baking chocolate chip cookies 
- eating Starburst jelly beans for a treat

How do you like to spend a rainy day?


Dave and Jenni said...

Can I just come be a part of you rainy day? That sounds awesome!

Ideally, a rainy day would be spent napping, watching old movies, and eating fresh-baked something. Especially rainy Sundays, those are the best. It's just adds that extra bit of REST to the day of rest. :)

Earen said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful! I love rainy days..just makes you want to cuddle in. I love watching movies & snuggling under a blanket.