Training, Reading Challenge, Misc

- My training is going well.  I am learning a great deal about myself and how my body deals with this type of physical activity.  I have learned it takes me a good 20-30 minutes to get into a run and feel warmed up. Those first 20-30 minutes can be slow, like snails pace slow but that is okay because it is what my body needs. 

- My daily runs seem more tedious than my long runs on the weekend.  I find during the week I feel more rushed and distracted by all that lays ahead in the day.  I am learning to just enjoy that time.  I think it would help if I got some new tunes on my ipod. Any suggestions for some good workout music??

- This past Saturday I did my longest run to date, which was 10 miles. I ran using a run/walk strategy. I would run for 8 minutes and then walk for 1 minute and that cycle continued for the entire 10 miles. When I finished, I felt amazing. I wasn't fatigued and I didn't have the muscle soreness like I did after my 8 mile run the week before.  I am definitely going to use this strategy in the rest of my training and for the marathon.  There is quite a bit of research out there on the run/walk strategy and how overall you will probably have a better time and walk less if you incorporate it into your run. Mentally, it will be easier to think in small increments of time. It seems a less daunting task.
- I am taking a trip to REI on Friday to pick up some essential training gear - a fanny pack that carries a water bottle and some energy jelly beans (they are yummy) !

- Oh, the bad news, I have gained 6 lbs since starting to train. Yep, 6 lbs - UGH! I know muscle weighs more than fat. Blah, Blah, Blah - I am pretty consistent about working out so I truly didn't think I had 6 lbs of flab on me!  I am a bit discouraged about that part of the training but I shall press on.  Let's just hope the pounds don't continue to increase!

Reading Challenge:
- I am plugging away on Anna!  I am enjoying it but just haven't found a great deal of time to read lately.  I know Renee is flying ahead of me so it keeps me motivated to try and catch up with her!  I am anxious for spring break so I have more time to read.

- Waiting on my nightstand are Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.  Can't wait to get to those!

- I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of this book from Sarah's giveaway.  

- Of course in the midst of trying to read Anna, and getting the book from Sarah, the library notifies me that the new Karen Kingsbury book, Someday, is on hold for me at the library. What is a girl to do????

- Morgan's cold turned into a trip to quick care on Saturday night. She started complaining about her ear mid afternoon.  She isn't much of a complainer so I was a bit concerned it could be an ear infection but I gave her some Tylenol to see if it would help.  Morgan laid around the rest of the afternoon and by 5 pm was in tears from the pain. I gave her some Motrin and that seemed to help a bit but within two hours she was uncomfortable again. We made the trip to quick care and sure enough, it was an ear infection.  It took until today before she wasn't having an issue with ear pain. Poor girl!  
- Landon's 4th birthday is next week! I can't believe he is turning 4. I told him I didn't want him to get bigger. He said" But mom, all my friends are getting bigger so I need to get bigger too." 
- Landon's party is going to be on Monday. With spring break and Easter it was hard to find time to fit it in!  The theme for his party is The Wiggles and we are doing a carnival in our backyard and garage.  More on the prep and party next week!
- For the first season ever (gasp!), Lance and I are hooked on American Idol.  I am not sure why we have never watched before, especially since Lance is a big music fan.  I think in the past, I would never remember when it was on and I wouldn't think to tape it, but now with TiVo it is set on a Season Pass so we don't miss an episode.  My favorite girls are Brooke and Carly and for guys I like the young David and Jason.  

- I am having a love/hate relationship with daylight savings time.  I LOVE that it is light out later in the evenings so we are able to take walks, go on bike rides, and just play outside.  I am not liking the fact that I have to drag myself outside to run in the pitch dark - UGH!  I can't wait for it to get light out earlier in the morning.

- I am so ready for spring break.  If we get our history unit wrapped up on Friday, we will take a two week break. I feel like I have had quite a few (too many) irons in the fire lately and it is time to scale back and simplify again.  I am ready to get some big projects done and just get caught up on reading, scrapbooking, and time with my kids that isn't about school or chores.  Morgan will still have gymnastics practice as we head into the state meet but we still have some free days and afternoons to get out and enjoy our nice weather.


Dave and Jenni said...

You are going to LOVE Pride & Prejudice. Sense & Sesibility is good too, but it doesn't go as quickly as P&P. I've never read Anna Karenina - what do you like about it?

Oh, and Idol - I'm with you on Brooke and Carly. For the guys, I like young David and Chikieze (?sp). I am totally hooked. I've watched past seasons, but this is the first one I've thought, "I cannot miss an episode." They're all so talented this year!

Denise said...

i too am so ready for spring break. i always feel a bit done homeschooling when March rolls around. i feel like i need time to reconnect with the kids as mommy and lose my teacher hat.
ahhh, i wish i could run.
american idol fan too. i favor david cook and brook white. i am so impressed by little david, what pipes at such a young age. i think they are really talented vocally (unlike past seasons), they're gonna have to bring it out in performance.

Wife2Jason said...

I need a spring break after just reading this post!
I can't believe Landon is almost 4.
It just doesn't seem right. *sigh*

I am off to the library's website to put Someday on hold!!!! YEAH!