Notes to self

- get more tupperware containers for cereal (or the baby digs in the boxes and there is cereal all over the kitchen floor)

- make sure the pantry door is shut (or the baby will be following you around with a tupperware container saying "me, me")

- make sure all doors are shut. closed. latched shut. maybe even locked (or you will find the baby on the driveway or on the top of the swing set in no time flat)

- before going outside, be ready with shoes on and any items necessary for outside play before opening door (see reason above)

- put the ladder to the bunk beds away (or the baby will try to climb to the top bunk)

- make sure all markers, crayons, pens, pencils, and chalk are put away AND out of the reach of the baby (or anything in sight will be scribbled on)

- if it is quiet - find the baby and fast!


Dave and Jenni said...

Sounds like quite a weekend you had! LOL! BTW - I love the new header picture.

Sarah Markley said...

Yes...quiet times are the worst. I know there must be a permanent marker missing!

Rohal Call said...

LOL...it really is a whole new ball game once they are mobile!!!