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Speed test

I saw this on Leah's blog  a while ago and then Lynn posted it on her blog last week. It took me down memory lane to high school keyboarding class. Anyone else remember those days when we really typed on typewriters??

- Last Friday, I had Landon's 4 year pictures taken at Target. I had never been to Target's portrait studios before but I had a coupon for a free sitting and some free prints so we decided to check them out.  They got some fun pictures of Landon and they made some fun collage prints, but it was an absolute zoo there.  I felt like they rushed us through the process of taking pictures and viewing his photos. Overall, it was an average experience. Here is the link to his photos, you just need to enter my name.

- My older brother and his two sons fly in tomorrow for a week. I am so excited! I haven't seen any of my family since August.  They will spend the week skiing and exploring the Boise area. 


- Landon learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. So exciting to see that little guy out there zooming around.  I really need to get a picture because the bike he is riding is our neighbor Amiah's, 12 inch PINK bike! Yep, my boy is cruising up and down the streets on a pink bike without a care in the world.  His "cool" bike is a bit too tall for him to ride without training wheels so until he has a growth spurt, he will be cruising the streets on the pink bike.  

Have a great weekend everyone!



Rachel Slagle said...

i love landon's birthday pictures :) and how exciting that he is learning to ride a "big boy" bike - even if it is pink.

Denise said...

have fun with family!

i was 9 when i learned to ride a bike. you will always remember landon on pink wheels!

Anonymous said...

Is there really skiing in Idaho?

It takes a 'real' boy to ride a pink bike! Landon's the man. :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Earen said...

You are a really fast typer! I only typed 65wpm!

Pat & Valerie Berg said...

ok...seriously, I think that typing test is a set up!!! It said I only typed 59 wpm, maybe there is something wrong with Val's laptop...

Dave and Jenni said...

Did he say anything about riding a pink bike? He's probably just so excited to be riding like a big boy!