Tie Dye Party

Each year it becomes a little more difficult to come up with a theme for Morgan's parties. This year after a little research Morgan decided on a tie dye party. It seemed appropriate to go out with a big themed party since this is the last year Morgan will have a big friend party at home. {after this year, we will celebrate doing something special with just a few friends.}


The invitations were very simple. I found some tie dyed paper that we cut into the shape of a t-shirt. Morgan glue the t-shirts onto multi colored paper. On the back we included all the party information. They were just the type of invitation I like cute and easy.

I recycled the banner from Mauryn's party earlier this week. I turned the banner over and used tie dye letters to match Morgan's party.
Morgan and I tie dyed some paper earlier this week to use for the garland hanging over the table. It was super easy and Morgan loved making the paper. I used both food coloring and food gels to do the paper and the food gels definitely gave brighter color to the paper. It was fun to experiment and see how they would turn out.
I made some pom poms to hang from the light fixture.
The table decorations were fun and easy. I threw on some confetti and shredded paper around three glasses filled with multi colored candy.

The cake:
Morgan and I went back and forth on what she wanted for her cake. When I found this cake, she was sold. The cake was easy to make and by adding the buttermilk the cake was super moist. I frosted the cake white and then used the Wilton cans of spray mist for the cake. The mist ran quite a bit so that was frustrating but in the end they grew on me. Morgan loved them so that is all that mattered.

Due to the number of girls invited to the party, I didn't want everyone tie dying at the same time. I set up three different stations in the garage where the girls could rotate as they finished an activity. I had a station where they could bead a bracelet with tie dyed/brightly colored beads, colored clay to make tie dye t-shirt magnets, and then tie dyed t-shirts.
The magnets turned out really cute and were a hit with the girls. I think it was even more of a hit than the tie dye shirts!
Morgan working on her t-shirt.
Morgan and her finished t-shirt
The Birthday Girl:
This was such a fun party and really pretty easy. The girls were old enough that they didn't need much help on the stations. It was definitely not as stressful as I had imagined having the girls working with the dye for their t-shirts.

Happy Birthday Morgan!


Janelle said...

Oh Kristen! She is one lucky girl to have you as a mommy! What a wonderful looking (and I am sure tasting) party! Now put your feet up and drink some soda!

Simply Sara said...

i think you win the prize for being the best party planner ever. what clever ideas!
absolutely love the cake, and those magnets are crazy cute.

great job mama, and a big happy birthday to your gorgeous young lady!