Mod Monkey Party

It all started about six months ago when we were driving and Mauryn saw this driving on the road.

I told her how the bus came to houses for birthday parties and the kids did gymnastics stuff. From that moment on she wanted to have the tumble bus come for her party.

She also wanted a pinkalicious party thanks to this book. She also wanted to invite some of her friends that were boys and she thought they would not want to come to a pink party. After some thought, she decided she would do a pink and green pattern tumble bus party.

I was trying to decide how to pull all her little ideas together when I saw plates and napkins that were white with pink and green polka dots and a monkey face. Perfect!!!

We got to work on her invitations. I couldn't quite find the pink and green paper I wanted so I didn't love her invitations but they worked.
As the party planning went along, I found I had a bunch of green monkey flannel that didn't have a specified use, so the flannel was turned into gift bags.
I had purchased some stemless wine glass last year to use for table decorations at Mauryn's mermaid party and they came in quite handy again this year.
The cupcakes were pink and green of course... not only in their frosting but on the inside. I totally forgot I have a decorating kit to make a fancy top until I was looking at pictures from last years party. I need to put a little list on the outside of my baking tub so I know what is in there. Oh well, they could have been fancier but the kids ate them anyway :o)
When I was working on Mauryn's invitations I was going to purchase two circle punches to help in the time factor with making the invitations. As I was heading to the checkout line, the store had a display of cricuit machines. I have been eyeing them for years but it was never a priority to save money to buy one. The price on the cricut was more than half off and was definitely a more cost effective option than the two circle cutters {are you hearing the justification}. So I toted my cricuit home, fired it up and made Mauryn's invitations. Then I used to make her a birthday banner
and garland to hang from the lights. Did I mention I love my cricuit???
Mauryn was so excited for her birthday. She just could not wait to turn "fo". I know I am biased but oh my does she look darling in her birthday shirt and headband. Yes indeed!
Mauryn L.O.V.E.D the magic tumble bus. She was smiling and giggling the entire time. It was so sweet to see her enjoying her party and time with her friends.
At the end of the party after had her cupcake and opened gifts, she curled up on the couch, fingers in mouth and about fell asleep. I think that is a sign of a successful party... a tired and content birthday girl.


Rachel Slagle said...

what a fun party!! love all the imagination she put into it and how you pulled it all together.

and glad you finally got a cricut - i was just looking at some comments on some of my old posts and saw one about you wanting one :)

Dámaris said...

Happy Birthday Mauryn!! It looks like you had a fun birthday party. I can't believe she is "fo" already. I remember when she was born, and it doesn't seem that long ago. Lovely creations Kristen, you are a good momma!

Simply Sara said...

oh my goodness. my girls would go crazy over that magic tumble bus. so very cool :)

looks like a wonderful party!