Morgan and Emily Through the Years

I spent some time last fall digging through old pictures. It was causing my mama heart to feel just a tad bit sad. You see, I was sorting through ten years worth of pictures and memories of Morgan and her best friend Emily.

Emily was going to be celebrating her 10th birthday and Morgan wanted to do something special for her gift.

She came up with the idea to create a scrapbook of pictures of the two of them since they were babies. These two girls have known each other literally since the day Morgan was born. They were born 3 weeks apart and spent almost every day together from the time they were babies until they were 5 years old. The girls have a strong bond and their friendship continues to grow and flourish. They have plans to go to college together and be roommates. It is so sweet!

Morgan did a great job putting the photos into a book, journaling each page, and then leaving some blank pages to fill in with future memories. It really brought tears to my eyes. I pray their friendship continues to grow. I am so amazed at how well they have stayed connected living over a thousand miles apart. Their friendship is truly a gift.

I forgot to take pictures of her finished product but here are some of the sweet pictures she chose to put into the scrapbook.

top to bottom {l to r}: the girls as newborns, emily, morgan, and their friend gavin at preschool graduation age 4 1/2, morgan, emily, and grace at the vbs program age 3 1/2, morgan, emily, and emily's brother eric at the apple orchard age almost 2, emily and morgan during a visit to MN age 9, morgan and emily at halloween age almost 3, morgan and emily watching the snow fall age about 15 months, morgan and emily at their dance recital age 4 1/2


Amy said...

Hey that my little one on Kristen's blog page. Thanks for the memories Kristen. What joy it brings me that our girls have a lasting friendship! I pray it continues and they can grow and lean on each other in years to come. Emily LOVED the scrapbook Morgan and she can't wait to add more pages of your friendship thru the years to come...including college :)

Lynn said...

That is every mother's dream for her little girl. What amazing pictures. So precious.

Stephanie said...

Wowsers. I can't believe how much Morgan and Mauryn look alike. Thanks for sharing.