Leaping Lemurs

plus the pbs show zoboomafoo
equal a zoboomafoo themed 6th birthday at the zoo for Landon.

His party day started with a number six pancake with candles. We usually do that on their day but since he spent his birthday out of town at his sisters gymnastics meet he didn't get his special pancake.

the invitations
Our zoo doesn't actually schedule birthday parties but they let me schedule his party as a field trip. It was so fun. Our guide talked about four different animal groups: insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals. She told them about the unique qualities of each animal group. Our guide had something for the kids to hold or touch while she described each group. Then the kids were able to touch an animal from each group. Definitely a highlight!! When our time in the classroom was over, we had a guided tour to see a few animals before being able to take on the zoo on our own. It was an easy party and my boy loved every minute of it.


Denise said...

your the coolest mom ever!

Lynn said...

Awesome idea. You come up with the best themes.

A pancake for your age.....cool!

Susan said...

you ARE the coolest Mom ever