It Feels Like Spring

In the last week the grass has lost its brown color and is turning green. The sun has been shining almost daily and today the temperature is around 60 degrees. It is lovely.

My kids have been outside all day. I know they will all sleep well tonight.

They have been playing with sidewalk chalk,

the neighbors wheelbarrow {incorporated into some game},
taking blankets and stuffed animals to create a mini fort,
and enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.
This was our last weekend where we had gymnastics and basketball on the same day. Phew! Landon has one more game next Saturday and then Morgan has her state meet on the 19th. We are almost through this crazy season... but it definitely made those winter months fly by quickly.

Morgan had a good meet yesterday. It was so fun to see her doing so well on an event that she struggled with all last season. I mean struggled... she placed last or close to last on bars all last year. It was so defeating for her. But yesterday, she earned first place on bars. She was so excited and we were so proud of her. Her hard work is paying off.
Her team {minus a few girls due to injuries and other conflicts} took 1st place. The girls were thrilled! They all did well and were very consistent in their routines.
After the meet was over, we had a late dinner with a few of the other gymnastics families. We are so fortunate that Morgan has such a great group of girls on her team.

By the time we ended our day it was late. We all pretty much felt like this:
I love how he feel asleep with his arm up on the chair. He was beat!

How was your weekend? Any signs of springs arrival?

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