Mauryn came down with a little fever on Thursday night which turned into a high fever on Friday morning. She had a little cough but otherwise she seemed fine. Since it was Friday, I thought I should take her to the doctor so we would not end up in quick care over the weekend if her fever turned into something more.

When we reached the doctors office on Friday there was a sign stating that anyone with a fever or a cough needed to wear a mask. Needless to say I had a very upset child on my hands. Thankfully we only had to wait about five minutes to get into the see the doctor.

To my surprise, Mauryn was diagnosed with pneumonia. We have spent the weekend doing

nebulizer treatments,
watching movies,
and playing games {the big kids are hooked on skip bo right now}.


joy said...

i am so sorry mauryn has pneumonia! hope she's better soon.

Susan said...

jjust catching up on the blog...so sorry she was so sick