St.Patrick's Day

Even though I grew up in a community that had a parade and celebration for St. Patrick's Day, I have never done much for the holiday.

We don't eat corned beef, cabbage, and soda bread {even though my husband has some Irish in his family line}.
In February, my friend Denise made these adorable shirts for her girls. I wanted to make them for my daughters but time ran out before Valentines Day. A few weeks ago when I was at the fabric store Morgan spotted some fun green socks. I picked them up to make her a shirt. The socks, shirt, and fabric sat by my sewing machine for weeks.

With St. Patrick's Day looming in the future, I finally sat down to make Morgan's shirt. Since her gym colors are green and black, I decided to make a shirt representing her team rather than just a St. Patrick's Day shirt {since her state meet is this weekend she can wear it again}.

Morgan's gym was having a green food day. Each girl was supposed to bring something green to share. Morgan decided to dip pretzels in white chocolate colored with green food coloring and then covered with green sprinkles. They were yummy!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? If so, what do you do to celebrate?


joy said...

we had corned beef and cabbage and or course, soda bread for dinner. i'll usually make green eggs for breakfast but we were running late, so we had green milk with dinner. my maiden name was bailey, so i have to do something irish!

Alana said...

Those pretzels look so good...and the shirt is adorable!!

Kym said...

We aren't Irish. However, we do wear green. We also have corned beef and cabbage one time per year and invite the extended family over for an evening together. It is a tradition we all enjoy even though we aren't Irish ;)

Denise said...

those pretzels look yummy, and EASY!

we have lucky charms for b-fast. that's as green as i get.

your shirt turned out great. bet she likes having a shirt to support her team.

Lynn said...

I saw the shirts on Denise's blog. Adorable!!!

Your turned out great too.