Spring Break

When I was in college and teaching, I looked forward to the breaks, especially spring break. Even though we didn't take trips over the breaks, I was doing something different. I wasn't teaching in the classroom, but enjoying days at home with Morgan. It was a time to refresh and reenergize before the final stretch of the school year.

Now, I have a love/not so fond of you relationship with our school breaks.

I love not having a schedule but I am also not so fond of not having a schedule. I find that the only difference in our normal routine is that we are not having school. I am thankful for a break from lesson planning and teaching but I don't come back from our breaks feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the rest of the school year.

This year we have been following a modified year round calendar. We started school in early August and have taken scheduled breaks throughout the year. {we will definitely be following this type of schedule next year - loved it} I have found that taking the longer breaks has helped in giving us {mainly me} more time to recharge. We are beginning our second week and I am hoping it is more restful and productive than our first week.

Our first week was busy:
* we started the week with Landon's birthday party
* had one day where we ran errands
* morgan had piano lessons and gymnastics {4 days}
* visited the new indoor jump house

* helped stuff 10,000 eggs, 400 bags of jelly beans, and divide tickets for games for our churches eggstravaganza {are you loving mauryn's outfit... }
* celebrated Landon and our neighbors Val and Amiah's birthdays
* attended our churches eggstravaganza

My list for our second week:
* take Landon to have 6 year photos taken
* clean out closets and make a list of spring clothing needs
* visit the jump houses
* take Morgan to the Owl City concert
* Morgan has gymnastics {4 days}
* try to make a pillowcase dress for Mauryn
* work on skirts for the girls
* dye eggs for Easter
* lesson plans

What are your plans for spring break? Do you find it a time to refresh?


Alana said...

Spring break is over and gone for us...looking on to summer break now :-) Hope you have a great one!

Denise said...

"maycation" is the break i really look forward to. it's so hard to be at home and actually take a break.
going to the lake, ice tea in my hand, lounging while the kids swim, and being with you! that will be a real break!

but for this week i will try to be intentional about not doing the routine. take the kids to a park, to fresno library and lunch, maybe a movie (is the dragon movie good for kids).