Lent: Weeks Two and Three

The first week was easy.

The second and third weeks have been a tad bit more difficult.

After two weeks of not hosting our teen group or small group due to conflicts and sickness, we were back on schedule during the second week of lent.

Which meant I was back to baking and creating snacks.

I love to bake. It relaxes me but I realized I have a tendency to lick spoons, spatulas, and clean out bowls. It has been a test of my will to not give in to the temptation to have sweets. It is actually been more difficult than easier.

Although going without the fountain soda has been easier than I thought. There are times, like when we have pizza that I really wish I could have a soda. I am not finding my car driving myself itself to the convenience store like in the past.

I do miss some of the daily interactions on facebook but in general I find it freeing to not be on it. I know I will definitely limit my time on facebook once lent is over. I realize how much time I waste in a day on facebook even if it is in little snippets each day.

If you gave something up for lent, how is it going for you?


joy said...

hi, Kristen. I didn't give anything up really--I added baking bread instead of buying it. It hasn't exactly been the spiritual exercise I was hoping for, to be honest. It takes some planning but we do enjoy the fruits of my labors. I will say that it does make me think about all of the conveniences we have at hand. thanks for sharing your journey and as fellow spoon/bowl licker, i can relate!

Melodie Monberg said...

I didn't give up anything for Lent but since Jan 1 I've been living an extended 30 days of nothing...and finding it getting harder and harder to not want things, especially when it comes to shoppping for things.

I find myself wanting to quit, give in and just "this once" get something for me. I am realizing just what a hold our society has on me in regards to the "I deserve" game.

This Easter Sunday I want to celebrate freedom from that.